2018探索台灣120h-Taiwan in My Eyes 活動已圓滿結束~~~ 謝謝同學們的熱情參與

2018 Taiwan in My Eyes-120h

【活動報名 Event Registration】

▲Event registration deadline:Jan.2nd, 2018, 21:00pm

【活動介紹 Event Introduction】

▲實地走訪平常不易抵達之企業,深度探索台灣SDGs 的各個面向

▲Through the team formation among graduate and undergraduate students of diverse nationalities, they are able to discuss the journal plan together.
▲During the event, students can observe in depth the updated sustainable development goals (SDGs).
▲With the Site Discovery to some ungetatable enterprises, students are able to deeply explore Taiwan from different aspects of the SDGs.
▲Groups can win for the highest "CTCI CSR Scholarship ": 200 thousand NTD !!!

【活動時間 Event Timeline】

▲Initial selection: January 4, 2018 ( the 24 teams selected for the final selection)

▲Final selection: January 12, 2018, (24 finalist teams will submit their plans
before January 8, and after approval by the host organizers, the final 12 teams will be selected ).

▲Site discovery:
on Jan. 22th, Wed. , 2018- Jan. 26th, Fri. , 2018

▲Results Presentation Judging and Awards Ceremony:
on Mar. 3rd, Sat. , 2018

【組隊資格 Team Formation Guidelines】


每隊限制為4人,預計招收12 支隊伍。

註:為保障參與學生權益,參與過首屆(2017)「探索台灣120h-Taiwan in My Eyes」之學生,不得再次參與本活動。

Taiwan’s universities’ domestic and international undergraduate and graduate students.

Each team must be composed of 4 persons, and we anticipate 12 teams participating. 
The four team members must be from the same university, and at least one must from Taiwan. Each person may only register for one team, and no duplicative registration is permitted. 
If there are any counterfeit or misleading declarations contrary to truth, the organizers reserve the right to cancel the entire team’s registration qualifications.

Note: So as to protect and ensure the rights of participating students, those who participated in the 2017 “120h-Taiwan In My Eyes” may not again participate in the event.

【中鼎國際交流獎學金 CTCI Exchange Scholarships】


with the organizer providing scholarships for one team in First Place in the amount of NT$200,000, for two teams in Second Place in the amount of NT$100,000 per team, for four teams in Third Place in the amount of NT$50,000, and for the remaining five teams each a scholarship in the amount of NT$20,000.

【聯絡方式 Contact Information】

若有任何疑問處,請洽詢02-2769-8599 #108 活動小組

2018 探索台灣120h 等你來參加!

If you have any question,please contact 02-2769-8599 #108 Event Team.

"Taiwan in My Eyes-120h" is waiting for you.