2018年企業社會責任領航計畫-冬季行動即將開始 敬請期待 (歷屆活動詳情請點擊下方連結)

2018年企業社會責任領航計畫-春季行動 ~~~
成果發表會活動 圓滿結束!再次感謝大家的熱情參與:)
2018 CSR Captain Program-Spring Action ~~~
Results Presentation successfully ends! Thanks for joining the event:)

【活動介紹 Event Introduction】

▲隊員共同爭取中鼎CSR 獎學金!!!

▲Through the team formation among graduate and undergraduate students of diverse nationalities, they are able to discuss the assigned renowned Taiwanese enterprises.
▲During the event, students can observe in depth Taiwan’s corporate development and implementation of corporate social responsibility.
▲Group members corporate with one another to aim at "CTCI CSR Scholarship " !!!

【活動時間 Event Timeline】

4月14日(六) 網路報名截止!!! *免費報名參加 
Online Registration (deadline: Apr. 14th, Sat.) !!! *Free ~

4月18日(三) 公告入選的12支隊伍 
Apr. 18th, Wed. Preliminary Selection (12 Groups) 

5月5日(六) 課程與講座活動 
-2位講師與6位企業分享講者 (我們提供課程講義小冊)
已於台北大學民生校區 教學大樓 5F 503教室圓滿結束
May 5th, Sat. Class Lectures
- 2 Professors and 6 CSR Lecturers from well-known companies (We will offer the handout) 
successfully ends at the National Taipei University, Minsheng Campus Teaching building 503 Classroom

5月19日(六) 成果發表會暨頒獎典禮
May 19th, Sat. Results Presentation
At CTCI Headquarters

【組隊資格 Team Formation Guidelines】


Undergraduate or graduate students in domestic universities from Taiwan or international students.
Each team is limited to 4 members; The 4 students must belong to the same university ;Participants must include at least 2 nationalities (such as 2 Taiwanese, with 2 Malaysians, etc.). Each participant may register with only one team, and no repeat registrations are allowed.

【中鼎CSR獎學金 CTCI CSR Scholarships】


The First Prize winner of the “CTCI CSR Scholarship” receiving NT$20,000, 
The Second Prize receiving NT$16,000, 
and the Third Prize receiving NT$12,000, 
with the remaining teams selected by the judges with qualification for recognition each receiving NT$10,000 scholarships.
The total prize is NT$138,000.

【CSR 課程與講座介紹 Class Lectures Event Introduction】


邀請中鼎工程股份有限公司(CTCI)、國泰金融控股股份有限公司(Cathay Financial Holdings)、台灣積體電路製造股份有限公司(Taiwan Semiconductor/TSMC)、安永聯合會計師事務所(EY)、遠東百貨股份有限公司(FAR EASTERN DEPARTMENT STORES)及遠傳電信股份有限公司(FAREASTONE)6家「台灣企業永續研訓中心」(CCS)之國內知名績優會員企業代表,分享各企業之永續績效與標竿案例。



*Course Themes: 
Related to CSR and SDGs.

*Lectures sharing corporate experiences:
6 corporations have been invited to share about their CSR effort promotion, including CTCI, Cathay Financial Holdings,Taiwan Semiconductor(TSMC), EY and so on.

*If you would like to know about the details, please click the "Registration Requirements" button below to figure out what's the event about? And how to sign up? Thank You!!! 

*** The related event information is subject to the announcements at CTCIEF official website.

【歷屆活動成果 Previous Activities】

【如何報名 How to Sign Up】

請直接點擊 "2018 企業社會責任領航計畫-春季行動 報名"按鈕,填寫報名表單。

Please click the "2018 CSR Captain Program-Spring Action" button directly, then fill out the registration form.

【聯絡方式 Contact Information】


If you have any question, please feel free to contact us, CTCI Education Foundation (CTCIEF).

中鼎教育基金會CTCI Education Foundation, CTCIEF
領航計畫活動小組 Team of Captain Program 
電話 Tel: 
02-2769-8589 #105
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