核心能量與社會責任 Core Values & Social Responsibility

  • 結合永續能源研究基金會、台灣企業永續研訓中心合作辦理活動,同時培訓人才。
  • Integrating the efforts of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy and Taiwan Center for Corporate Sustainability and train the human capital.
  • 協同台灣企業永續研訓中心拓展企業間共同合作項目。
  • Assisting the Taiwan Center for Corporate Sustainability to stimulate inter-corporate collaboration and cooperative efforts.
  • 組成台灣永續工程聯盟,發揮教育界與工程界的人脈影響力。
  • Creating Taiwan’s Sustainability Engineering Alliance, providing leadership and practical personal and professional connections in education and the engineering management field.
  • 定期舉辦國際研討會,開展國際合作。
  • Holding periodic international conferences, to nurture international cooperation.
  • 舉辦國內外學研生活動,並提供中鼎海外工程案外國工程人員子弟的關懷照顧。
  • Hosting domestic and international forums and workshops, while providing practical support for CTCI Project Management personnel abroad.